There may be a significant amount of cash trapped in your old claims that represent your Accounts Receivable (A/R). The value of this A/R, however, diminishes each day as claims expire due to their final adjudication limits. There is no time to waste to recover the maximum possible cash from this source.

When customers join Sypore, they often have a significant amount of A/R that we take on in addition to their new claims billing. In fact, the two leading factors that drive customers to seek Sypore’s help are:

These two factors moving in tandem give a clear signal that something is wrong in the revenue cycle management (RCM) cycle. Billing team performance is usually the root cause.

Sypore’s billing team has recovered significant amounts of cash from A/R for our customers. We know the common culprits and can get to the root cause of any specific customer’s A/R quickly. Our ability to recover the maximum possible cash from A/R is time-tested and our customers can attest to our performance.

Sypore A/R Recovery Service is delivered on a project basis and can be engaged by itself or in addition to our Billing Service. Some of our Billing Service customers started with us using A/R Recovery Service only. After seeing our performance on the A/R Recovery project, they chose us to be their Billing Service for all claims. We invite you to experience the same.

Each A/R Recovery Service project has the following key steps:

  • Analyze A/R data to estimate the value of cash trapped in A/R

  • Agree on a timeline to complete the project

  • Execute the agreement

  • Initiate the A/R Recovery project and provide weekly status reports to customer

  • Recover cash, post payments, and cleanup the accounting records according to results


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