Billing for facilities is a complex and dynamic arena. A successful business in this industry must have an intense focus on staying abreast of the many changes to be able to effectively compete and be profitable.

At Sypore, we do Facilities billing right – from coding and billing to collection and payment posting. This is what we do and we excel at it! We manage the entire revenue cycle. Our secret sauce, in addition to billing expertise, includes a very scientific, data-driven, and tech-savvy approach to the business of maximizing our customers’ revenue. Our services are delivered in a high-touch, close collaboration, and open communication model.

Our team of expert billers and coders understand the nuances of in-patient, out-patient, and non-patient aspects as well as the professional and technical components. The complexities of meeting the metrics for patient outcomes and maximizing reimbursements through the judicious use of codes and modifiers are all part of our toolset.

In an industry where shrinking reimbursements are constantly bearing down on margins, we do more than billing and collection for our customers. We enable our customers to compete effectively and thrive by delivering actionable insights from our broad and deep analysis of the industry at large. Furthermore, we continuously challenge ourselves to finds new ways to save costs for ourselves and then share these cost-savings with our customers. This is another factor that makes us unique in the industry.

At Sypore, we know Facilities billing and would love to partner with you to help you achieve your business goals.

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