Running a profitable group or solo medical practice is hard, very hard. It requires close collaboration between the front-office and back-office processes and personnel. In addition, it is an exercise is customer satisfaction for a customer that is not feeling very upbeat to begin with.

In order to be successful, the following five objectives must be achieved:

  1. Deliver best possible patient outcomes
  2. Maximize cash flow velocity and volume
  3. Minimize cost of revenue
  4. Minimize providers’ burden of paperwork and overhead tasks 
  5. Earn and maintain patient loyalty through patient satisfaction

At Sypore, we understand the challenges and have proven ourselves over the years, successfully serving our customers. Our scorecard is reflected in the financial and operational metrics of the customers we serve.

practice billing cash per claim practice billing cost per claimOur team takes responsibility for all tasks from patient eligibility & benefits verification to coding and billing, denial management, and collection and payment posting. We even take the calls from the patients related to their account statements and from payers related to billing! We manage the entire revenue cycle for our customers so that they may focus on delivering quality healthcare. Our secret sauce, in addition to billing expertise, includes a very scientific, data-driven, and tech-savvy approach to the business of maximizing our customers’ revenue.

We invite you to speak with our current customers to find out what financial results and service quality they have experienced with Sypore and why they prefer us over other options.