Healthcare services provider Credentialing and Privileging is a critical part of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and profitability maximization. If not attended to properly and consistently, it can cause serious loss of revenue and profits. We at Sypore believe this component of RCM to be so critical to the financial health of our valued customers that we have made it an integral part of our service offering.

Most RCM (Billing) services providers do not offer this critical service and the “credentialing specialists” may charge over $500 per provider per payer! Sypore offers a stand-alone Credentialing service that is substantially more valuable at less than half this cost.

But it gets better with Sypore. Our Billing service customers enjoy a deep discount (over 25%) on the Credentialing service, making it even more valuable.

In addition to handling Credentialing with payers and Privileging with hospitals, we also cover the work involved in State Licensing for healthcare services providers.

Sypore acknowledges that transparent and unfettered access to all data related to their practice is a fundamental right of all our customers. To this end, we have built ParTrackerTM , our very own application in the cloud (web based) giving our customers 24×7 access from anywhere and any device to their credentialing status in real-time. We remain true to our core values by giving our customers the ability to know “everything” about their practice that we are involved in supporting.


A healthcare environment in which Physicians are clinically autonomous and free from administrative burdens, so that they are able to fully devote their time, talent, passion, and energy to patient care.


  • Excellence: Pursue excellence in everything we do
  • Fairness: Provide the best service our customer can rightfully expect, for a fair price
  • Respect: People matter, above all else


To help our customers get control over their time to spend it as they prefer and have the financial peace of mind from knowing that their cash flow is always maximized.