Healthcare cost burden has been steadily shifting to the consumer (patient) over past decades. Most patients are ill-prepared to understand what is contained in their account statements and see why they have the financial responsibility to pay what is owed. In their confusion and frustration, when they call the practice, facility, or the lab, they are upset and impatient to get an answer. Not being able to get in touch with someone quickly to address their questions and concerns or being put on hold for a long period of time is a recipe for customer dissatisfaction. If they do get in touch with someone at the practice, facility, or lab, taking the call interrupts other tasks and may prolong the wait-time for patients waiting in the waiting room.

Sypore provides a Patient Call Center solution to address all risk factors in this scenario with service coverage for business hours from the continental US East Coat to the West Coast. What is unique about our call center though is that it is staffed by people who can provide “answers on the spot” and not just take a message! Integrated closely with our RCM teams (billing and  credentialing), our call center team members can lookup the customer accounts, analyze the claims, payments, and statements and address any questions and concerns the patient may have. Having addressed their concerns, our call center team is highly successful in collecting full or partial payments (per customer approved payment plan guidelines) from the patient while on the call!

Don’t short-change your patients or yourself by trying to answer patient calls (or put them on hold). We are well prepared to do this for you for a fraction of what it would cost you to do it yourself. Call us today to learn more.


A healthcare environment in which Physicians are clinically autonomous and free from administrative burdens, so that they are able to fully devote their time, talent, passion, and energy to patient care.


  • Excellence: Pursue excellence in everything we do
  • Fairness: Provide the best service our customer can rightfully expect, for a fair price
  • Respect: People matter, above all else


To help our customers get control over their time to spend it as they prefer and have the financial peace of mind from knowing that their cash flow is always maximized.