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End-to-end Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Why pay more for data storage and other end-to-end medical billing services when you can get the same and much more with Sypore at a lower cost. We offer a myriad of top-notch services, including data storage, patient call center, and PMS billing software, with the sole aim of streamlining your revenue cycle management.

Patient Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Sypore helps healthcare providers collect accurate eligibility and benefits information to improve collections & boost the overall financial health of their practice

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We obtain patient information to secure prior authorization for inpatient and outpatient procedures, as well as hospital admission pre-certifications, to help you save time and get maximum reimbursements

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Medical Coding & Billing

The most vital element to ensure reimbursements is accurate medical billing and coding. We offer cutting-edge medical billing and coding services to providers and facilities of all sizes

Receivable Recovery

We help providers get their trapped cash in old claims to enhance their collections and boost their overall income

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Call Center

We help patients understand their account statements and guide them on what they owe and why they owe it. Our fast response ensures better customer satisfaction and reduces providers’ hassle

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Patient Account Management

We handle all outbound calls, emails, and postal reminders to collect payments from the patients. It gives providers the opportunity to focus on patient care rather than spending time on follow-ups


Sypore offers top-notch credentialing and enrollment services to help healthcare providers become an affiliated part of a recognized network of insurance groups. Our credentialing services span across various disciplines of healthcare practice. Whether you are an established healthcare provider or a new practitioner, Sypore can help you achieve smooth billing operations and boost your profits through a streamlined credentialing process

State Licensing

Acquiring a United States medical license requires going through a painstaking process that puts a strain on both your time and financial resources. However, when backed by expert assistance, it is an achievable goal. At Sypore, we have a team of experts, equipped with all the knowledge and technicalities of the healthcare industry, ready to help you get licensed through a hassle-free, streamlined process

Quality Measures

Revenue cycle management in the healthcare sector is more intricate than in any other sector, bringing along opportunities for countless errors inefficiencies. Healthcare organizations need a holistic reporting and analytics system to minimize those inefficiencies and understand the financial health of their revenue cycle

Accessioning to Medical Labs

Sypore aims to set new precedents in the healthcare industry by providing a helping hand to its clients extending beyond the RCM. Accessioning lab tests is one way Sypore accomplishes this goal and takes the burden off the healthcare provider’s shoulders. Our efficient team follows a streamlined process to execute this task immaculately

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Learn how we transform the revenue cycle with solutions that streamline the patient experience, drive operational efficiency, and improve financial performance.

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