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Patient Account Management

We handle all outbound calls, emails, and postal reminders to collect payments from the patients. It gives providers a better opportunity to focus on their service rather than spending time on follow-ups

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Why Choose Us

No hassle for the provider

Making outbound calls to patients and collecting payments from them is a time consuming task. It becomes challenging for providers to manage patient care while simultaneously managing payment collection.

The provider can deliver impeccable patient care

With Sypore managing patient collections in all its entirety, healthcare providers can focus on their work and give their undivided attention to patient care. Our team of knowledgeable experts specializes in providing high-quality patient account management with access to additional expert resources.

Reduced A/R

For more than 70% of healthcare providers, payment collections take more than a month on average. Delayed payments hinder cash flow and create long-term revenue cycle issues for healthcare providers, such as higher outstanding accounts receivable. Our team of experts, backed by integrated technologies, works seamlessly to obtain every dollar for every visit in a timely fashion.

More revenue for healthcare providers

Collection centers charge up to 50% of the total patient collections. Sypore, on the other hand, charges only a minimal percentage of the total accounts receivable, resulting in greater revenue and profit for the healthcare provider.

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Learn how we transform the revenue cycle with solutions that streamline the patient experience, drive operational efficiency, and improve financial performance.

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